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The Hardy Plant Society Conservation Scheme

From January 2020, the Western Counties Group will participate in the national HPS Conservation Scheme

The scheme aims to identify rare plants that are worth preserving, plants which have been in our gardens for generations but due to them not being stocked in nurseries are very difficult to come by. This may be because of the difficulty to propagate, or the length of time it takes them to bulk up, but they are often good garden plants just not very profitable for a nursery to invest time in growing them.

The scheme then looks to propagate these plants and spread them round the scheme members through an annual plant exchange. By doing this it is hoped that we can keep them thriving in our gardens for generations to come.

One of the main benefits that members can enjoy from the scheme is an opportunity to acquire rare plants that one simply cannot find in a local garden centre.

You can develop new skills in propagation through growing these plants, and we are hoping to run a small propagation workshop to help develop and hone our skills.

If you would like to join our Conservation Group, we have some plants left over from our annual exchange, so you would be able to start growing some straight away.

There are many plants on the scheme and a full list can be found on the national HPS website, in the ‘ABOUT PLANTS’ and ‘CONSERVATION’ section.

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